Scrabble Boosters (Scrabblers) are unique lasercut bigram and trigram tiles to play various new word games and to enhance any Scrabble ™ game. These double and triple letter tiles give you extra points for extra fun!

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Lasercut Digrams (Digraphs)

Each Scrabbler tile consists of a pair or triplet of letters called digraphs and trigraphs, each with a point value (minimum 5 points). They boost your points in a variety of ways.

How To Play


Scrabblers come in a variety of lasercut styles in sets of 150 tiles each. 130 bigraphs and 20 trigraphs.

  • Rainbow Style: Colourful Wooden Hardboard 1/8-inch thick
  • Brown on White Style: Laser-etched and cut white wooden hardboard 1/8-inch thick
  • Solid Wood: 1/4-inch thick white-washed, lasercut and dark-etched
  • Luxury Acrylic: 1/8- and 1/4-inch thick in various colours
  • Stackers: larger set of tiles with stacking grid.

Order Scrabblers through
Brainy Games at Etsy
Order Stackers version through
Stackers at Etsy

or contact Brainy Games if in the GTA. Find them at the Aurora Farmers Market and Artisan Fair.

How to Use Scrabblers

Charge up your game! Use Scrabblers when you just don't have that perfect combination of letters.

Scrabblers Instructions | Stackers Instructions

Everybody maintains one random Scrabbler tile (while supply lasts) at all times. After you play one, replenish it. Score the points. If, at the end of the game, you hold a Scrabbler tile, deduct its points from your score.

Alternatively, play with the full set of tiles in several other ways.

A free printable solitaire Scrabblers game. Roll dice to place letters. Fill the grid to win.


Stackers at Etsy